1. When washing the engine of my car, will some damage may occur?

In this service there is no damage caused to the engine since we use suitable products to protect the electrical parts.

2. How much time is required to perform an interior and exterior cleaning of a car?

These services combined take approximately 60 minutes to complete.

3. Can you clean the tar or resin from my car paint?

For this service we use adequate products with high quality standards in order to ensure that your car will not be damaged.

4. My car has a bad smell, it is possible to remove it?

For this service we have chemical sieves that when applied in the car absorbs odors and neutralizes it with concentrated deodorizers based on emulsifiers and natural essences from citrus fruits.

5. My car has some scratches, is it possible to remove them?

For this service we use creams with specialized additives for body polishing by applying them with a polishing machine.

6. Oil spilled on my upholstery, is it possible to clean it?

We have adequate machinery to clean this by using injection and extraction products that remove all types of stains or dirt.

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