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Interior Cleaning Services

Cleaning and Regeneration of Plastic (Vinyl)

Our line of cleaning and regeneration services of plastics in your vehicle including all the vinyl will make it look pristine and in mint-condition.

Upholstery Washing and Cleaning

We thoroughly wash, clean, and disinfect all the upholstery inside your vehicle including textiles, leather, imitation leather, ceiling upholstery, seatbelts, steering wheel and more.

Leather Upholstery Hydration Treatments

If you are looking to rehydrate and make your leather look new, we offer leather upholstery rehydration treatment which will make your leather shine again.

Carpets & Rugs Cleaning & Disinfection

The carpets and rugs can be filthy! Only vaccuming them is not sufficient, they need a deep cleaning and disinfection to make them sanitary again.

Windshield and Window Cleaning

When we clean the interior of your windshield and windows, we go beyond simply washing them, we do a polishing layer to make it even more transparent.

Exterior Cleaning Services

Bodywork Cleaning

Using environmentally-friendly products to deeply clean the bodywork of your car resulting in a shining and glossy appearance once finished.

Resin & Tar Removal

Over time, you car will accumulate lots of unwanted resins and tar buildup. We using special degreasing products to ensure a safe and clean removal or resins and tars.

Bodywork Polishing

After your car’s exterior has been rigorously cleaned, washed, scrubbed, and is free from any tar or resin, we can then polish the exterior of your car creating a shiny protection layer. 

Headlight Restoration and Polishing

Your headlights shouldn’t be neglected when it comes to cleaning. They get filthy over time and need to be restored and polished in order for the visibility of the light to shine at its optimal capacity.

Cleaning & Polishing of the Tires and Rims

Your tires and rims can collect lots of grease. We meticulously clean your tires and rims from the outside to the inner parts, ensuring that the entirity of the tire is clean.

Motor Engine Cleaning Services

Cleaning & Degreasing the Motor

In order for an engine to operate at it optimal level, you need to clean and degrease the motor in order to remove all the resin and tar buildup. We do an attentive cleaning job while respecting the electrical system, plastics, and rubber.

Metal Sheet & Paint Services

Sheet Metal & Paint Repair

Offering a variety of resotration and repair services for chipped paint, scratched, and damage caused the the sheet metal of the car.

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